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Available campaign types

Have creators send your message to their audience directly! Live Read campaigns add a video with a creator-read script in the first two minutes of long-form (5+ min) creator content on Youtube. Supported Platforms: Advertiser Goals: This type of campaign helps you leverage a creator brand/voice to drive calls to action.

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Have your brand go viral with the latest trends! Short Form campaigns add a banner or GIF of your brand at the top of a Tik Tok or Youtube Short video and a link in bio. Supported Platforms Supported Platforms: Advertiser Goals: This type of campaign helps you to create awareness and associate your brand with content that audiences love.

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Song Promotion

Help your song find its audience as the newest dance trend, highlight reel track or social trend! Song Promotion campaigns help to promote your song by having creators play your song or do a trend across short form platforms including Tik Tok and Youtube shorts. Supported Platforms: Advertiser Goals: This type of campaign helps to draw awareness of new music and associate trends with the song.

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Livestream Overlay

Have a creator run an image or video overlay in the corner of their livestream on Twitch or Youtube. Livestream overlays appear throughout the duration of the livestream for the audience to see Supported Platforms: Advertiser Goals: Overlay campaigns help to associate your brand with the creator and their content.

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